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Retaining Walls


Effective control of water through engineered drainage control is one of the most important aspects of everything we do, whether it be on the Alabama Department of Transportation's land erosion and anchoring project on the Highway 98 extension or the retaining wall in your back yard. See our Completed Projects list to get an idea of the scope of our work.

​If you've ever tried to control water, you know that it can be a difficult task! By partnering with Thomas H. Davis III Construction you can rest assured that they understand water and how to properly manage it so that your project is not only safe from the elements but safeguards the value of your property.

At Thomas H. Davis III Construction, we are experts at providing the proper drainage methods needed to ensure your project stands the test of time and weather! 

The importance of proper drainage techniques cannot be underestimated. Proper drainage, conducted by a civil engineer, is the key to the longevity and function of any hardscape. Hardscapes demand attention to drainage because of the way these hard surfaces can cause excessive water runoff when it rains.